Boom 1.16.1 Map (Game)

Boom 1.16.1 Map – Throw bombs to maneuver between islands and knock different gamers off the map! Acquire Energy Up’s! The final one alive wins!

boom map - Boom 1.16.1 Map (Game)


  • distinctive bomb mechanics
  • 2-Eight gamers
  • Eight customizable settings to regulate the game to your liking
  • 14 maps with totally different gameplay kinds
  • energy up’s with particular results and weapons
  • anti-camping system
  • random spawns
  • FFA gamemode
  • Crew vs Crew gamemode

boom map 2 - Boom 1.16.1 Map (Game)

Important Notes

  • bomb mechanics might be quity tough at first, however after some time they’re actually enjoyable
  • for those who encounter any bug or difficulty with the game you’ll be able to restart the game by reloading the server (simply kind command: /reload)
  • to alter a setting excellent click on the setting’s signal
  • settings indicators may solely work for server operators because of setup or plugins put in on the server

boom map 3 - Boom 1.16.1 Map (Game)


  • 5 months of improvement
  • 100+ hours of playtesting and bug fixing
  • 145 perform recordsdata
  • 30+ gamers took half in Increase Event

boom map 4 - Boom 1.16.1 Map (Game)

Boom Map Installation Instructions

  1. Download Boom Map.
  2. Unzip its contents into the saves folder located in the game folder.
  3. Launch Minecraft, start a new game, while choosing the world [Boom Map]

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Author: Szinton | Source: MinecraftMaps