Echo Parkour 1.16.1 Map (Parkour)

Echo Parkour 1.16.1 Map is a parkour map (duh.) the place you’ll be able to solely see a part of the course at any given time. The course is fairly tough, of the 6 playtesters only one accomplished it, and it took them nearly 500 deaths. The course has four checkpoints alongside the way in which to make the expertise much less irritating.

echo parkour map - Echo Parkour 1.16.1 Map (Parkour)

The Mechanics


Once you begin the course, you’re given two gadgets. One will allow you to see the entire blue blocks, and one will allow you to see all inexperienced blocks. You’ll be able to nonetheless stand on the blocks when you find yourself not holding the merchandise for that coloration, you simply cannot see them. Observe that block switching is the primary mechanic on this map, and for it to work you HAVE TO HAVE THE RESOURCE PACK. I am going to hyperlink it once more here, in case you did not get it up there. Be sure to have the useful resource pack.

Half-Heart Health

This one is straightforward, for those who take any harm in any respect, you die. That is it.

The Secret Rooms. (Not technically a mechanic however no matter.)

There are three secret rooms hidden across the map. They do not reward you with something helpful, however if you’d like one thing to do after getting uninterested in parkour, attempt to discover the rooms, none of them are significantly tough to seek out. Just a bit additional side-quest.

That is the map!

My first parkour map, constructive criticism welcome. I am very new to instructions and map-making generally, so forgive me for silly errors and let me know if there are any bugs/glitches that ought to be patched and I am going to go and repair them. Thanks for studying/enjoying!

echo parkour map 2 - Echo Parkour 1.16.1 Map (Parkour)

Echo Parkour Map Installation Instructions

  1. Download Echo Parkour Map.
  2. Unzip its contents into the saves folder located in the game folder.
  3. Launch Minecraft, start a new game, while choosing the world [Echo Parkour Map]

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