Simplified SkyWorldBlock 1.15.2 Map (Survival)

Impressed By Hypixel SkyBlock:

The game has a wiki made on my own, Click on here to see

From the unique model of SkyWorldBlock(Click on here to view)

Some guidelines and something within the game might change within the additional updates.

Please change the gamerule of DoMobSpawning to true if the mobs dosen’t spawn within the island

simplified skyworldblock map - Simplified SkyWorldBlock 1.15.2 Map (Survival) simplified skyworldblock map 2 - Simplified SkyWorldBlock 1.15.2 Map (Survival) simplified skyworldblock map 3 - Simplified SkyWorldBlock 1.15.2 Map (Survival) simplified skyworldblock map 4 - Simplified SkyWorldBlock 1.15.2 Map (Survival)


  • 1:No Dishonest(Could Trigger bugs)
  • 2:Use Advanced Crafting Table to craft instruments and customized gadgets
  • 3:The Superior Crafting Desk might eat your gadgets whereas placing gadgets(As a result of I exploit command blocks) so use properly
  • 4:All recipes will probably be proven within the Skyworldblock recipes information the place can obtainable within the Skyblock island, maintain [?] to view the gadgets required to craft
  • 5:Do not place your enchanted blocks or participant heads (they’ll flip again to its authentic type when accomplish that)
  • 6:The game might have some bugs that can trigger some issues
  • 7:My English shouldn’t be good as effectively so some phrases chances are you’ll cannot learn and do not complain due to this.
  • 8:Do not lose your Skyworldblock recipe information in any other case you’ll be able to’t see any recipes of any customized gadgets
  • 9:This game might can multiplayer as i did not strive it earlier than
  • 10:some crafted gadgets could also be ineffective so please verify the recipes earlier than you craft
  • 11:Your gadgets will probably be saved whenever you die
  • 12:Set Render Distance to 20 or extra(Once you too distant from the island which is stuffed with grass block and grime,lots of the customized gadgets is not going to work)
  • 13:The store nonetheless not totally full but.Will probably be completed in additional updates
  • 14:You may also play with out the customized gadgets as there may be customized crafting within the authentic crafting desk
  • 15:Do not change the issue to Peaceable(Very Meaningless)
  • 16:Do not attempt to use Aspect of the Teleport to get contained in the command place.(You’re going to get kill whenever you go right into a unsuitable place)[V1.15 or newer]
  • 17:Whereas within the map editor, sort /set off swb set (In 1-13) or open the chat message to make use of the instructions(V1.15 or newer)

Mini-Game:Monster Attack(V1.15 or newer Game Model)

Construct up your individual map and use your individual weapons to defend from the monsters you select!

Have Straightforward, Medium, Laborious and Unattainable Difficulties

You possibly can see the map you might have made in entrance of the skyblock island


  • 1.Do not craft instruments on the superior crafting desk as a result of the results of the merchandise is relying which location you might be(Largely is Hoe)
  •    Nevertheless,you could craft swords within the superior crafting desk or else the injury could be very low however you continue to can kill Lv1 Zombie Simply
  • 2.Keep in mind whenever you click on the indicators,please scroll up the message first(Begin with Assortment I) to view the recipes
  • 3.Useful resource Generator is a really helpful stuff(It could possibly generate sources robotically).Place it on the ground or rail and hopper within the backside is the perfect opinion.
  • 4.Craft Zombie(Embody Bosses) Spawn Egg to get Helpful stuffs(However it will likely be laborious to kill)
  • 5.Iron Armor will be switch to Chainmail Armor Through the use of Stonecutter(V1.14 or higher)
  • 6.Use the recipe information(Not Skyworldblock recipe information!) from the unique crafting desk to view customized survival recipes(Like diamond)
  • 7.The Music disc has a bizarre texture(Instruments or Swords) however you continue to can use it.

Obtain(Just for Beta Model):

Beta Model To Obtain:(Hyperlink Did not Take away)

V1.13 Beta:V1.13 SkyWorldBlock Download

V1.14 Beta:V1.14 SkyWorldBlock Download

Outdated Changelog: V1.12:

  • 1.Added new Crafting Recipes,Redstone is again to the game(However nonetheless no customized recipes)
  • 2.Mounted the place Diamond Assortment dosen’t work appropriately
  • 3.Added New islands
  • 4.Added Loot tables from some mobs
  • 5.Zombie Sword Buff:
  • Harm elevated from 60 to 190
  • Modified from costing foodbar to 30s Cooldown
  • 6.Now Wither have a brand new Well being and Loot(2-Three merchandise)
  • Wither:Well being:8000
  •            Harm:Identical with the unique wither
  • Loot:Nether Star(100%)
  •         Wither Spawn Egg(Weaker Wither)
  •         Nether Star Sword(No Enchantments)
  • 7.Lowered Zombie Horse Rider crafting necessities from Three to 1 Enchanted Rotten Flesh


  • 1.Added Extra SkyWorldBlock Developments(With Particular Rewards and Recipes):
  • [Diamond Armor Collector]:Superior Diamond Sword and Instruments(Unbreakable)
  • [Zombie Slayer]:Coal Man’s Sword(Have an opportunity to get random enchantments)
  • Recipes:
  • [Zombie Slayer]:Zombie Head Recipe
  • [Experienced]:Gunpowder Recipe
  • [Oh, a creeper… Head?]:Wandering Dealer Spawn Egg Recipe
  • [Need Bones?]:Snowball Recipe
  • 2.Clear up some points
  • 3.New Rarity:Reward Merchandise
  • 4.Change again the gamerule DoMobSpawning from False to True
  • 5.Added lights on the command place in order that no mobs can spawn at there
  • 6.Eliminated testing nether portal within the Command Station to forestall any Zombie Pigman or every other mobs in that space which might trigger issues


  • 1.Stability Replace
  • Coal Man’s Sword:Buff
  • Modified the Rarity from RARE toREWARD ITEM
  • Harm elevated from 75 to 80
  • Power elevated from 120 to 125
  • Finish Stone Sword:Nerf
  • When Maxed, Bonus Power decreased from 50 to 20
  • Bone Sword:Buff
  • Harm elevated from 45 to 85
  • Power elevated from zero to 35
  • Modified the Rarity from COMMON to UNCOMMON
  • Ender Sword:Nerf and Buff
  • Harm elevated from 50 to 55
  • Modified the Rarity from UNCOMMON to COMMON
  • Magma Sword:Buff
  • Power Elevated from zero to 70
  • Absolute Diamond Sword:Mounted
  • Clear up a bug the place the merchandise can’t improve to tier II or III
  • Lapis Helmet(Secret):Buff
  • Elevated Power from 20 to 30
  • Coal Chestplate(Secret):Nerf
  • Decreased Bonus Motion pace from 50% to 35%
  • 2.Iron Armor will be switch to Chainmail Armor Through the use of Stonecutter
  • 3.Added new recipes:uncooked beef, sheep spawn egg, fish spawn egg, cooked cod will be switch again to uncooked cod utilizing furnace as a result of fishing loot, villager spawn egg, ore block, andesite, diorite and granite.
  • 4.New Weapon:Prismarine Sword(Craftable by the Superior Crafting Desk)
  • 5.The “Nearest mob:” will not present non-mob issues anymore


  • 1.Added Defensing System(who will get within the command place, gamers in a radius of 27 will get instant-kill)
  • 2.Added new weapon:Side of the Teleport and Enchanted Snow Sword
  • 3.Added Retailers from the unique model of Skyworldblock
  • 4.Added Monster assault mini-game with customized maps and entity or participant(s) spawn place.Can have reward which might purchase stuff with the store
  • 5.Added Damaging System to the Stonecutter, dealing Eight Hearts per second.
  • 6.Added New customized crafting recipes
  • 7.Added customized instructions utilizing set off within the Map of Mini-Game Editor :

Command Checklist:

  • /set off swb set 1 ->summon sp(spawn place)
  • /set off swb set 2 ->take away nearest sp
  • /set off swb set 3 ->summon esp(entity spawn place)
  • /set off swb set 4 ->take away nearest esp
  • /set off swb set 5 ->use zombies as entity spawn place
  • /set off swb set 6 ->use skeletons as entity spawn place
  • /set off swb set 7 ->use Golden Zombies as entity spawn place
  • /set off swb set 8 ->use spiders as entity spawn place
  • /set off swb set 9 ->use ender zombies as entity spawn place
  • /set off swb set 10 ->use zombie bosses as entity spawn place
  • /set off swb set 11 ->take away all esp
  • /set off swb set 12 -> begin the game(is not going to work if don’t have any spawn place or entity spawn place)
  • /set off swb set 13 -> go to skyworldblock recipe information
  • /set off swb set 911 -> Offers Backup Sword which has just one sturdiness
  • /set off swb set 444 -> Kill your self(Identical as /kill @p)
  • /set off swb set 14 -> use zombie pigman as entity spawn place(V1.16)
  • /set off swb set 15 -> use wither skeleton as entity spawn place(V1.16)
  • /set off swb set 16 -> use wither as entity spawn place(V1.16)
  • /set off swb set 17 -> use blaze as entity spawn place(V1.16)


  • 1.Mounted a bug the place Promising Pickaxe means dosen’t work and make it accessible to Effectivity VI Enchantment(Require 1000 Instances Used)
  • 2.Mounted an issue the place the buying and selling coin can’t be commerce with gold ingot (And in addition Emerald)
  • 3.Added zombie Pigman-Straightforward, wither skeleton-Straightforward, wither-Laborious and blaze-Medium to the entity spawn place checklist(New Instructions are added within the command checklist up there)
  • 4.Added a brand new rarity:SUPER LEGEND
  • 5.Added two new weapons from the coal sword:The Coal Killer and The Coal Commander Sword(SUPER LEGEND)
  • 6.Enchanting Room+ Stability Change


  • 1.Ghast Blade:Nerf 
  • Modified the Rarity from RARE to UNCOMMON
  • The title of the weapon have modified to “Silver Blade”
  • 2.Fancy Sword, Undead iron sword and Arthropod Sword will present Enchantments once more
  • 3.Harden Wooden Sword:Buff
  • Enhance Power From zero to 30
  • 4.New system:Solely Admin or the Proprietor can entry to the command place and alter to artistic mode[Owner:100,Admin:101]
  • 5.You’ll not be teleport again to the spawn place anymore whenever you accomplished a wave
  • 6.New Forms of Customized Crafting Recipes
  • 7.Numerous enhancements
  • 8.Clear up an issue the place Enchanted Room+ Dosen’t work appropriately
  • 9.Ruby Assortment Remade
  • 10.Added Redstone Assortment(Lastly)
  • 11.All varieties of projective weapons can injury any varieties of mobs(Anticipate Wither and Ender Dragon)
  • 12.Harden Cactus Sword :Buff
  • Elevated Harm by 10(75-85)
  • Enhance Power From zero to 125
  • 13.Added Magma Leggings
  • 14.Present the recipes to improve the Finish stone Sword
  • 15.Lightning spell and Thundersword means improved
  • 16.Added first pet:Creeper Pet


  • 1.Vanishing Curse:Nerf
  • Lowered the impact of weak spot from II to I
  • (I discovered that this enchantment could make most mobs can’t deal any injury,particularly for bosses.Due to this fact, I decreased it to 1 to make much less efficient.)
  • 2.Mounted a bug the place the pet turn out to be hostile


  • 1.Added explosive bow from creeper assortment(based mostly on Hypixel Skyblock)
  • 2.Remake a villager commerce store and Added Vastly Improved Gold Sword from Pure Gold Sword
  • 3.Added Finish Crystal Assortment with Finish Teleporter and Finish Crystal Sword
  • 4.Now can Acess to the Nether(By Portal) and The Finish(By Finish Teleporter)[Most Item Ability will not work in Nether or The End]
  • 5.Remake Ender Dragon from The Finish
  • Well being:100000
  • Harm and Skill stays the identical
  • Loot:8-40 Enchanted Ender Eye(12.5%-100%)
  • Side of the Ender(7%)[Ability will be available in further updates]
  • 6.Enderman ultimately has a distinct well being from 200 to 5000
  • 7.Zombies in The Finish will switch to Ender Zombie from the spawn egg
  • 8.Will Present Becoming a member of World… when utilizing SkyWorldBlock Recipe Information
  • 9.Solved a bug the place the goal can nonetheless deal injury when making use of Freeze spell Results
  • 10.Finish Crystal Crafting Recipe Modified
  • 11.Now you can commerce for a Random Flower Field or a Tremendous Chest within the Vegetation Store(Authentic Flower Field Stays however modified the title to Full Flower Pack Field)
  • 12.Ender Zombie now drops 4xEnder pearls as an alternative of 64xEnder Pearls(Besides in The Finish[25%])


  • 1.Harden Diamond Sword:Buff Enhance Power from zero to 100
  • 2.Lowered the worth to commerce the sliver blade and Harden Wooden Sword
  • 3.Harden Wooden Sword:Nerf
  • Modified the rarity from UNCOMMON to COMMON
  • Added an improve to this weapon
  • 4.Added Winner Chest within the Vegetation Store
  • 5.Eliminated the “Iron” phrase from the Undead Iron Sword
  • 6.Added New Development:Side of the Gold(Reward:Winner Chest)
  • 7.Solved an issue the place some developments can’t be accomplished
  • 8.Added Beginner and Unattainable Problem as an alternative of regular difficulties(Not the mini-game)
  • 9.Mounted a bug the place Absolute Diamond Helmet Tier I can’t improve to Tier II
  • 10.(Primarily)Added wiki for this game
  • 11.Added Leather-based Assortment with Harden Leather-based Chestplate

V1.21: Small Replace

  • Added “Weapon Spinner” within the SkyWorldBlock Recipe Information close by the format of cobblestone generator
  • Every spin wants Eight Buying and selling Cash
  • Weapons you may get:
  • Skeleton Sword (14%)
  • Coal Sword (14%)
  • Finish Stone Sword (14%)
  • Ender Sword (14%)
  • Spider Sword (14%)
  • Bone Sword (7%)
  • Emerald Bat (7%)
  • Prismarine Sword (3%)
  • Magma Sword (3%)
  • Zombie Sword (1%)
  • Absolute Diamond Sword Tier I (1%)
  • Thunder Sword (1%)


  • 1.Mounted a bug the place zombie masks is overpower(Harm multiplicative)
  • 2.Added Obsidian Assortment with Obsidian Turret
  • 3.Most Bosses from the Mini-Game have modified to a brand new well being or injury

Simplified SkyWorldBlock Map Installation Instructions

  1. Download Simplified SkyWorldBlock Map.
  2. Unzip its contents into the saves folder located in the game folder.
  3. Launch Minecraft, start a new game, while choosing the world [Simplified SkyWorldBlock Map]

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