Soup Adventure 1.15.2 Map (Puzzle)

Welcome to the Map Soup Adventure 1.15.2. On this map you have to to prepare dinner soups. Cooking recipes are current. There’s an easter egg on the map.


  • 1. Don’t use instructions.
  • 2. Don’t break blocks
  • 3. Play on Peaceable
  • 4. Don’t knock objects out of frames.
  • 5. Comply with the recipes

And most significantly, the oak and the shulker field should not the identical.

soup adventure map - Soup Adventure 1.15.2 Map (Puzzle)soup adventure map 2 - Soup Adventure 1.15.2 Map (Puzzle)soup adventure map 3 - Soup Adventure 1.15.2 Map (Puzzle)soup adventure map 4 - Soup Adventure 1.15.2 Map (Puzzle)

Soup Adventure Map Installation Instructions

  1. Download Soup Adventure Map.
  2. Unzip its contents into the saves folder located in the game folder.
  3. Launch Minecraft, start a new game, while choosing the world [Soup Adventure Map]

Soup Adventure Map Download Links

for Minecraft ⇒ 1.15.2

Author: KyKyPy3Ka_YT | Source: MinecraftMaps