Sprint 1.15.2 Map (Parkour)

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Sprint is a 1.15 parkour map that forces gamers to make quick tempo selections whereas traversing by means of the numerous biomes of the 43 levels. The twist? If the participant stops sprinting, hits a wall, touches water or crouches they are going to be killed and despatched again to the earlier checkpoint!

Should you handle to finish the map, there are additionally choices to re-complete the map whereas difficult your self additional like taking part in with no checkpoints, or with no pace on.

This map is multiplayer pleasant and gives hours of gameplay making an attempt to finish the difficult ranges.

sprint map - Sprint 1.15.2 Map (Parkour) sprint map 2 - Sprint 1.15.2 Map (Parkour) sprint map 3 - Sprint 1.15.2 Map (Parkour) sprint map 4 - Sprint 1.15.2 Map (Parkour)


Trailer, Walkthrough and Screenshots

Sprint Map Installation Instructions

  1. Download Sprint Map.
  2. Unzip its contents into the saves folder located in the game folder.
  3. Launch Minecraft, start a new game, while choosing the world [Sprint Map]

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for Minecraft ⇒ 1.15.2

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