Tricraft 2 1.15.2 Map (Adventure)

Tricraft 2 1.15.2 Map – Come and discover the three wonders of Tricraft! In a sequel map (that has nothing to do with the primary one) it’s a must to parkour, search, and recall to change into victorious! However wait, there’s one thing not fairly proper in regards to the map…

This map comprises minor jumpscares so when you have a coronary heart situation, watch out.

  • This map is multiplayer suitable
  • All jumps are potential, this map has been totally examined
  • There are two endings! (Search for secret areas)
  • Simply to be clear all trivia relies off of 1.15.2
  •  There’s a three tick delay when canceling transport to a piece, hold that in thoughts
  • All button presses are additionally potential, once more totally examined
  • Do you finest to not cheat when doing the parkour.

tricraft 2 map - Tricraft 2 1.15.2 Map (Adventure)tricraft 2 map 2 - Tricraft 2 1.15.2 Map (Adventure)tricraft 2 map 3 - Tricraft 2 1.15.2 Map (Adventure)tricraft 2 map 4 - Tricraft 2 1.15.2 Map (Adventure)

Tricraft 2 Map Installation Instructions

  1. Download Tricraft 2 Map.
  2. Unzip its contents into the saves folder located in the game folder.
  3. Launch Minecraft, start a new game, while choosing the world [Tricraft 2 Map]

Tricraft 2 Map Download Links

for Minecraft ⇒ 1.15.2

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