Warped Trails 1.16.3/1.16.2 Map (Maze)

Lets simply say that Bending Passages is now not the world’s largest minecraft maze…
I imply, this one is not both, nevertheless it’s the most important printed one! That I might discover, no less than. I do know there’s no less than one which exists that is four occasions the scale of this one, however its unpublished and sitting on a damaged ps4, so it will be fairly troublesome to play. I initially supposed to make this map even greater than that one, however I noticed that to be able to do this, I must sacrifice the enjoyable a part of the maze, and that is a bit too large of a sacrifice, do not you suppose?

warped trails map - Warped Trails 1.16.3/1.16.2 Map (Maze)

Simply how large is that this maze map, then?
In whole, it is 500 x 500 cells! I did not do something insane that entails a number of calculations to get the precise quantity this time, so the ultimate quantity is a pleasant, even 250000 cells! That is 155088 extra cells than the final one! Nicely over twice the scale!

That is fairly large! What all is particular about this map?
Nicely, I am glad you requested! This map has precisely ONE HUNDRED distinctive areas to it! And in contrast to Bending Passages, as soon as you’ve got completed with a area, you will not ever have to return! Gotta get that sense of accomplishment, yknow? Not solely that, however every of them has a cool and distinctive title that is displayed on the backside of the display screen!

warped trails map 2 - Warped Trails 1.16.3/1.16.2 Map (Maze)

Okay however is it multiplayer suitable? Can I file it?
Sure and sure! It is very a lot multiplayer suitable, you possibly can have as many gamers as you need! The one disadvantage is that solely the individual closest to 0,Zero will get to see the title of the area. And you’ll completely file it, as long as you hyperlink the map within the description! Or put the title of the map someplace idk.

Are there any guidelines to observe?
Sure, and it’s crucial that you just do. Failure in doing so might lead to getting the Dangerous Ending to the map. Inventive mode, Spectator mode, and teleportation forward will all outcome on this, so do not do it. Additionally, crucial rule: Have enjoyable!! Why play the map in the event you aren’t having enjoyable?

Alright! Benefit from the map!
Have a great time making your manner up these winding trails!

warped trails map 3 - Warped Trails 1.16.3/1.16.2 Map (Maze)

Warped Trails Map Installation Instructions

  1. Download Warped Trails Map.
  2. Unzip its contents into the saves folder located in the game folder.
  3. Launch Minecraft, start a new game, while choosing the world [Warped Trails Map]

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for Minecraft ⇒ 1.16.3 + 1.16.2

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